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  • Genuine Leather Wallet, Minimalist Slim Design with RFID Blocking, Convenient Pocket Style, Right for Mens or Women;

  • Leather lining

  • Material--Genuine Leather Wallet with Minimalist Slim Design and RFID blocking, Convenient Pocket style for Men or Women;

  • Features--This Unisex wallet is supper slim and easy to put in your jeans pocket or front suit pocket and can be be carried anywhere with ease;

  • Fucntions--This Minimalist wallet is particularly designed for to keep your cash, ID and different cards suggesting better putting one of your name card inside, just making yourself available while getting it lost, special finger groove to take the front card and ID, also the gap in between the cards to make the mid-cards available by fingers easily;

  • RFID Blocking--Advanced RFID blocking technology all around this wallet, it screens any electronics signal from any side or corner to the wallet, makes 100% safety protection to your personal identification;

  • Extra-Guarantee--90 Days Quality Guarantee Available, if you get problem but it expires standard Guarantee Date, you can ask the seller for a free within 90days after your order.

  • Slim Wallet BULLIANT Skinny Minimal Thin Front Pocket Wallet Card Holder For Men 7Cards 3.15"x4.5" Gift-Boxed